Golden Mountain Dogs

Golden Mountain Dogs are a crossbreed of the Golden Retriever and the Bernese Mountain Dog who are known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and loyalty. They have thick fur which is resistant to water in various shades of gold and black with deep-set expressive eyes. These animals bond closely with their masters while being easily trainable; they also adapt quickly everywhere may it be playtime or nap time and share the amicable and tranquil characters that make them perfect companionship.

Golden Mountain Dogs Quick Facts

Origin: A mix between a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain Dog

Size: It varies depending on the parents, but usually:

 Height at the shoulder: 24-28 inches (about 60-70 cm) 

 Weight: 65-140 pounds (29-63 kg) 

Group: This is a mixed breed dog not recognized by major kennel clubs as a real breed. 

Life Span:7 – 14 years

Coat: The coat can be any shade of black, brown, gold, or white in combination with one another; it is usually long-haired and thick.

Temperament: This is a gentle, friendly, intelligent, and loyal type of dog that can sometimes be protective. They are eager to please their owners but might also act goofy from time to time! 

Exercise requirements: They require a lot of exercises 

Outdoor activities suit them best (more than 2 hours per day). 

Playing, running, and walking alongside activities they enjoy most.

Training them: They are not difficult to train

 Health: Generally healthy, potential concerns include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and eye problems.

Mountain Dog Overview

They are intelligent and easy to train because of their desire to please people. Additionally, these dogs can adjust to any living situation owing to this fact coupled with the above. Their moderate energy level necessitates that they be taken out for exercise but they still love relaxing indoors equally well. Combining friendliness with calmness makes them perfect companions who can fit into different environments comfortably.


Attractive Look: The handsome mix has a thick, waterproof coat in black and gold.
Eyes Full of Expression: Bright and intelligent, showing warmness.
Good Nature: Affectionate and friendly, easily forms attachments with people.
Faithfulness: Uncommonly faithful, very satisfactory company for single people.
Ability to Train and Intelligence: Quick learners, eager to please, can adjust to various circumstances easily.
Adaptability: Can thrive in any loving environment.
Well-Balanced Energy: Loves playing outside but also knows when to rest indoors.
Can Fit Any Family and Lifestyle: They are like chameleons, easily blending in with any family or lifestyle.


Golden Mountain Dogs are a newer designer breed, and therefore they do not have much history. Nevertheless, gain some ideas by looking at their parent breeds. The Golden Retriever came from Scotland where it was loved for being smart and quick. The Bernese Mountain Dog on the other hand came from the Alps in Switzerland it wasn’t until after World War 1 that they were brought over to America and were originally used as farm dogs.

Mountain Dog Size

Typically, their size is among the large dog breeds. However, new breeds may vary in size. They average between 75 to 120 pounds in weight and 24 to 28 inches in height. Generally, females are smaller than males.


They embody the quintessential family companion, resembling a character from a children’s cartoon with their gentle demeanor. They effortlessly befriend everyone, including children and cats. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them easy to train, but mental stimulation is crucial for their well-being. Integrating them into daily activities fosters their strong desire to be a valued part of the family.

Health and Care

Health problems often affect dogs, such as hypothyroidism, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and heart issues. It is important to check them regularly and manage any detected issues in good time. These dogs need to be exercised daily for around one hour or more, through activities like hiking or going to the park with other dogs around. To keep them healthy, you also have to groom them often, clean their ears regularly, trim their nails from time to time, and take care of their dental health. To make sure that they stay fit and happy for the rest of their lives, look after their general welfare while giving them love and an active lifestyle.

Some of the more common health problems suffer from include:

  • Von Willebrand’s Disease: In canines, Von Willebrand’s Disease is an inherited blood condition that leads to prolonged bleeding which needs medical attention and frequent visits to the veterinarian for control.
  •  Hypothyroidism: Canines can suffer from underactive thyroid glands that result in the hormones necessary for metabolism regulation not being produced. The condition is called hypothyroidism and causes weight gain, lethargy, hair loss, and skin problems. To confirm the diagnosis, blood tests are done to determine the amount of thyroid hormones present in the dog’s system.
  • Heart Problems: Dog heart issues incorporate scenarios like congestive heart failure and murmurs or valvular diseases identified by exams and imaging, necessitating different therapies.

Golden Mountain Dogs Feeding

They need a specific diet because of their size and the fact that they are energetic. Feeding them too much will lead to health problems as well as obesity, therefore owners need to be aware of the food requirements these animals have during different stages in life such as being puppies or adults until they become seniors which would require vet advice on how best feed each one depending on its needs.

Coat Color And Grooming

The dog usually has a coat that is black, brown, and white and is long, thick, and straight-haired. It needs to be brushed daily because it loses hair often. These dogs can not withstand high temperatures so they do well in cold areas where there is plenty of shade during hot weather and they also need a lot of water.

Children And Other Pets

 Golden Mountain Dogs make for an amazing companion for children thanks to their kind and playful nature, though they should be socialized early enough. When properly introduced to other pets in the house, they ought to get along fine. Rewarding desired conduct and being consistent in training can help ensure that becomes well-adjusted in a family setting.

Breed Organizations

When it comes to purchasing them, it is important to choose from a reputable breeder who will provide you with a well-socialized and healthy pet. The breeders perform health checks, socialize the dogs early enough in life, and provide lifetime support making sure that the puppies grow into great companions. In contrast, backyard breeding mainly aims at maximizing profit thereby giving little regard to quality leading to no health tests being carried out on the animals nor are they socialized properly which can cause potential health problems as well as behavioral difficulties amongst their offspring.

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